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We offer training programs for men and women of all fitness levels from novice to athlete. Your trainer is by your side pushing you to reach your untapped potential for overall health and to keep you going when you donít have it in you on your own. Itís a great way to workout hard and smart.

  • One-on One Training

    • Hour training session 

    • 45 minute training session

    • Ĺ Hour training session 

  • Buddy training (2-3 people) hour session

  • Series Training Commitment Agreement:

Guaranteed weekly scheduled training times. Payment is through monthly invoice. This is a great way to set your training schedule, be accountable and pay monthly instead of every training session. Your invoice can be received by e-mail or mail. It is sent out on the 1st of the month and due no later than the 10th.

*Payment is due per session unless a Series Agreement is signed.

  • Customized Individual Program 

Program for the Gym or Home


    • Ĺ Hour Consultation

    • Customized Program

    • Visual Illustrations of the Exercises

    • Hour Training Session

*Rates may vary with trainers and special programs.

What is Buddy Training?

Itís a great way to maximize your workout and minimize your cost. You and one or two others will receive the benefit of a certified trainer to challenge you with a dynamic workout and increase your accountability not only to the trainer but also your buddy or buddies. You can recruit your own buddy or buddies or we can find one for you.

Start Now? Next week becomes next month and before you know it you are more out of shape, unhealthy and donít feel good about yourself.

ďExcuses are like rear ends. Everybody has one and they stink.Ē -Tom Curle