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Sports Performance Training

Who we train:

  • High School and Junior High Athletes

  • College Athletes

  • Professional Athletes

  • Young Athletes

Our objective for high school, junior high, college and professional athletes:

  • To use appropriate individualized training methods emphasizing high quality, technical and relevant training protocols to build a faster, stronger, flexible and more powerful athlete to meet the physical demands of sports and optimize each and every athlete’s potential.

We build a physically prepared athlete!

  • Many instances athletes and coaches focus on skill/talent development and not on the physical development of the athlete. Because of this, athletes get hurt or hit a plateau of skill development. Physically prepared athletes will have longevity and ability to maximize their skill development. The cumulative effect of imposed stress on the body from sports and not having a proper physically prepared body can lead to an injured athlete now or have lasting effects for the future.

How we build physically prepared athletes:

  • Focus on strengthening the athlete from the core outward.

  • Correct muscular weaknesses and imbalances.

  • Develop a strong functional foundation of strength, balance and endurance.

  • Develop explosive power and quickness.

  • Increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

  • Strengthen the neuromuscular system both statically and dynamically in order to increase quickness, reactivity and efficiency of movement to enhance sport skill development.

The physical and mental demand of sports on athletes of all ages is tough. Natural talent is not enough to meet the demands. Our sport enhancement team is available to take the athlete to the next level, give them an edge over the competition and fulfill their own potential.

We will work hand in hand with coaches to make sure an athlete doesn’t over train and make that player better for the coach.

If an athlete’s objective is trying to earn a college scholarship, our training team will provide references to colleges documenting an athlete’s hard work and commitment to their training and sport.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” – Tim Notke